Best Catches in IPL


There are have been many outstanding catches taken over the years since IPL has started. It is tough to say which is the best out of all as all of them are magnificent. Here are some of them, being the best considering the situation of the match.


#5) David Hussey


We know Australians for their exceptional fielding. In the match against Delhi Daredevils, Hussey showed an exceptional piece of brilliance near the boundary. Paul Collingwood hit a ball to deep mid-wicket where Hussey was stationed. He timed his jump and held onto the ball but couldn’t keep his balance and went out of the boundary ropes.

David Hussey made sure he kept the ball in play, came back to play, and takes it with one hand before diving to his front. He showed a magnificent presence of mind around the boundary there. It was a lovely piece of cricket at the periphery of the ground and was considered as one of the best catches of the tournament.


#4) Dwayne Bravo


The West Indian is known for his all-rounder abilities across the globe. He took an incredible catch to dismiss Shane Watson. He put up a perfectly timed jump to pull a stunner with his right hand. “It was a fluke, I stuck my hand out and the ball stuck there,” he told to the press after the match.

Dwayne Bravo is a wonderful fielder and has taken many more wonderful catches all his career, but this stands at the top of the list.


#3) Kieron Pollard


The big man from the Caribbean has never failed to impress the crowd from his skills on the field. It is very difficult to say which catch is the best among all the catches the big man has held on to. In the match against CSK Suresh Raina had already hit two boundaries and was about to claim the third, but his fortunes ended there as Pollard had come in the way.

This happened when Jason Behrendorff bowled the last ball of the fifth over. Raina slashed the ball from outside off. Kieron Pollard jumped high into the air and took a one-handed stunner and rolled over just away from the boundary ropes.


#2) Trent Boult


Usually, fast bowlers are not great fielders, but there are exceptions like Boult who took a stunner in the match against RCB. Virat Kohli had hit a full toss of Harshal Patel to deep square and was expecting to collect another six into his pile.

But something else was destined as Trent Boult had put up a perfectly timed jump and had extended his right hand to pluck it out of nowhere and landed on his tummy only inches away from the ropes. Even Virat told he doesn’t mind getting out to such catches. Imagine the level of that catch for that sentence to come out of Virat’s mouth.


#1) Ab de Villiers


As we all know AB is stunning to watch on a cricket field, there are only a few players in the world who can do what AB can. In the match against SRH, RCB had put up a mammoth total and SRH was behind the asking rate. Alex Hales in order to pick the scoring rate up went for a shot towards the deep mid-wicket. But it seemed as if he was not aware of who was protecting the ropes there, and at the end, he paid for it.

Actually, AB de Villiers had got into a dangerous position as the ball had some curve on it. The second he took the jump he realized his body was a bit outside, so he had to put his right arm out and pulled out a blinder. “That was spiderman stuff,” Kohli said. The gravity-defying act proves his fitness and the legacy he has in the game.

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