List of top 5 best fielders in India.

Gone are the days when the Indian cricket focused only on the two, supposedly major aspects of the game i.e, batting and fielding. Indian cricket has come a long way. Way back in the 90s, the fielding department was considered lousy. Not to mention, many matches that would make into the winning list of the team’s history were lost as a consequence of the shortcomings posed by poor fielding. It was majorly because fielding was never as focused upon as the other aspects of the game. Per contra, there were players like Robin Singh and Ajay Jadeja who were good fielders, although most players in the team weren’t as good in fielding as them. 

But in came players like Rahul Dravid, one of the best slip fielders of India and Mohammad Kaif, known for his fantastic fielding. Many others followed and gradually converted the team into one of the best fielding teams in the world.

In this article, we will talk about the best fielders in India whose skills in this aspect of the game knows no leaps and bounds.


1. Yuvraj Singh


If team India can boast of a strong fielding squad, its thanks to Yuvraj Singh for laying the foundation for it. Yuvi was a commendable middle-order batsman, a handy bowler, and one of the most athletic fielders of the Indian cricket team. He fielded predominantly at the point and the covers. He has taken sensational catches throughout his career. Besides taking jaw-dropping catches, Yuvraj Singh is also known for his accurate throws and has inflicted numerous run-outs throughout his career.

The man has always given his best for the team and has always proved it with his flaming sportsmanship. Not to forget his unyielding spirit and fantastic game in the ICC World Cup 2011, regardless of cancer, which helped India in winning the World Cup. Massive respect! There is no denying the fact that Yuvraj Singh remains one of the best fielders in India in addition to being one of the best all-rounders in India. 


2. Mohammad Kaif


When we talk about the best fielders in India, one player that appears in the mind of most is Mohammad Kaif. And rightly so. During his active cricket years, he was called the Jonty Rhodes of India and described as the best fielder in India. He started his career in the year 2000 as a batsman. However, with his quick reflexes and stunning athleticism, he established himself as an outstanding fielder.

Always agile on the field, Kaif has taken some the toughest catches in limited-overs cricket. Mohammed Kaif along with Yuvraj Singh formed one of the most formidable fielding duos. Additionally, he ruled as one of the best fielders in India and the world. Besides his agility, Kaif had a deadly accurate throw on to the stumps. He has taken some wonderful catches. The most memorable, which no Indian fan can forget was his brilliant diving catch to dismiss Shoaib Malik in the first ODI of India’s tour of Pakistan in 2004.

3. Suresh Raina


Suresh Raina is an impressive batsman, who with his explosive batting has given team India some memorable victories. However, his contributions to the team are not just limited to batting, as he has also been a great support to the team due to his exceptional fielding skills. With Suresh Raina on the side, team India’s fielding game has bolstered considerably. The smashing left-hander has been the backbone of Indian fielding.

Quick hands, sharp mind, and excellent anticipation make him arguably one of the best fielders in India and one of the best fielders in the world. One can barely recall a match in which Raina has faltered in saving runs or dropped a catch. His hands are the safest in the Indian team.

4. Ravindra Jadeja


Ravindra Jadeja entered the world of international cricket in 2009 against Sri Lanka. Since then, he has been just climbing up the ladder of success. He has stumped many with his outstanding bowling attacks but the eager beaver made heads turn more through his dynamic fielding. He is quick across the turf and has made backward point his territory. However, he is equally effective in all the other points on the field. The ball dares to cross the mark where “Sir Jadeja” is on the guard.

Even if he does not manage to send any batsman back to the pavilion with his balling, which is rarely the case, his unfaltering fielding finishes off the job in style. No batsman ever wishes to hit the ball towards this intimidating fielder. Yes, that’s how effective he is as a fielder. Undoubtedly he is the fastest and the best fielder in India and the world in the current times.


5. Virat Kohli

Bound and determined, Virat Kohli belongs to the new breed of players who have proved to be nothing but an asset on the field. Perhaps the best thing that could have happened to team India, Kohli took the world of cricket by storm when he made into the playing 11 of the national side in his debut match in 2008. A destructive batsman, he possesses the power of turning the course of the game in the favor of his team single-handedly. But apart from being a star batsman, he has proved to be a mind-blowing fielder. His game-changing spell is also highly attributed to his top-liner fielding. He chases the ball with aggression and has a rocket arm that often catches batsman off guard. Whether at covers or in the outfield, this Delhi Dynamite is surely one of the best fielders in India.

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