IPL Best Fielders

The Indian Premier League being the home of budding young talents has given us the finest fielders in the world and some out of the world catches. We always speak on the impact the batsmen and bowlers craft to the game but not often we discuss the importance of the fielders and the difference they can bring.

This list helps you to find out top 5 best fielders in IPL History.

#5 Ben Stokes


Ben Stokes, English Star all-rounder is yet another all-rounder who grabs a spot in our list. The 29-year old England player is on a roll with both the bat and ball and he has not left anything behind in his fielding too. He saved over 45 runs for the team merely with his fielding, when he showcased his fielding vividness in the 2019 World Cup.

Ben Stokes comes at number fifth in this IPL best fielders list.

#4 Kieron Pollard


The one that comes as a whole package is none other than this West Indian star all-rounder! Whether it be fielding or taking some stunners of catches, this man has done it all. He not only pulls out stunners to send away the batsmen but also changes the match with his remarkable hard-hitting. He has the title of the perfect catch of the season in 2019.

By entitling the rank of number 4 in the list of most catches by a player in the IPL to his name, the 33-year old has played 148 matches and claimed 82 catches.

No doubt, that Kieron Pollard is one of the best fielder in IPL history.

Kieron Pollard comes at number fourth in this IPL best fielders list.

#3 Ravindra Jadeja


By being one of the strongest and fastest arms in the sport, he is a high flier on the field. You might think watching his faultless shot creation is a delight but we have to agree to the fact that watching him shoot the ball from the long-on boundary is an even better one.

Ravindra Jadeja never fails to make his presence felt the whole time and it is recorded he alone saved up to 50 runs for Team India in the 2019 World Cup. And it would be a surprise to see the Chennai Super Kings all-rounder win the perfect catch of the season 2020. The 31-year old has played 170 matches in the IPL and claimed 63 catches.

Ravindra Jadeja comes at number third in this IPL best fielders list.

#2 AB de Villiers


We all know him to be one of the best batsmen in the world, but that’s not it. Ab de Villiers is also a brilliant fielder. We know that he is called the Mr.360 for his talent to strike the ball all over the ground but he is no less when it comes to fielding.

Having a position of No.2 in the list of most catches in the IPL, the 36-year old has played 154 matches in the IPL and claimed 84 catches.

Ab de Villiers comes at number second in this IPL best fielders list.

#1 Suresh Raina


One of the very few fielders who excels in his role irrespective of the position. From slip to long-on, Suresh Raina masters it all. It has been hard for players to imitate his focus and impulse on the field, this former Indian Batsmen is unquestionably one of the best fielders in the World since the last decade.

The Left-hander has played 193 matches in the IPL and claimed 102 catches. By entitling the No.1 rank in the list of most catches in IPL he is the only player in the league to cross the 100 catches mark.

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