List of top 5 best fielders in ODI Cricket. 

One cannot deny the role of the vital department of fielding in winning the match. When the bowlers and batsmen are done with their task, the fielders are the ones who can change the whole course of the game. And fielding requires an extraordinary focus and athleticism. An excellent fielder has the amazing talent for predicting the next move of the batsman and take actions with super quickness.

We enlist here our top 5 best fielders in ODI cricket. When it comes to best fielding, these players are on a completely different league of their own.


1. Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)


Whenever the question arises ‘who is the best fielder in the world?’ the first name that pops into the mind of every individual is Jonty Rhodes! It’s like the term ‘best fielder’ is synonymous with Jonty Rhodes. Undeniably, the greatest fielder of all time. Jonty Rhodes revolutionized fielding and is credited for giving it the much-deserved recognition during his time. He sprinted with a marvelous pace, hurled himself towards the ball impressively, and took the most difficult catches. The precision with which he threw it towards the stumps regardless of his position on the field was commendable. However, he was most effective in the backward point and ensured the ball couldn’t roll past the spot in his presence.

He has also won the Man of the Match title due to his incredible fielding. Unquestionably, he is the best fielder in ODI.


2. Mohammad Kaif (India)


Mohammad Kaif always managed to secure his place in the “playing 11” due to his terrific fielding. Regardless of his inconsistency with the bat, he used to successfully compensate it with his fielding. He saved more runs from the opposition than he scored. With Kaif guarding the covers, the batsman rarely dared to hit the ball in that direction. He moved rapidly and wasted no time in grabbing the ball from the ground or mid-air. He brilliantly accomplished successful run-outs and rarely faltered in the deed. Mohammad Kaif remains one of the best fielders in India.


3. Ravindra Jadeja (India)


Another player regarded as one of the best fielders in India. Ravindra Jadeja is simply splendid to watch on the field. He is a gilt-edged fielder, who with his deadly attacks, whether it be through bowling or fielding, compels the batsmen to throw in the towel. This man dives with great vigor and excels in taking blinders. He is especially magnificent on the outfield. His stupendous agility and speed make him one of the most intimidating fielders. No matter how tense the situation of the match seems, or how difficult it is to win, this man always gives his best and continues to save runs with terrific athleticism. He has earned his place among the greatest fielders of all time.


4. David Warner (Australia)


He is super fit, tremendously active and his fielding skills are just unmatchable. An explosive opener, David Warner is an equally efficient fielder. He is the most reliable fielder on the boundary rope. The accuracy with which he throws the ball, either for a direct hit or while assisting the other fielders on the ground to carry out the task of run-out, Warner is unparalleled. Hence, he is regarded as one of the best fielders in ODI as well as other formats of the game. He has been a successful player of IPL too and under his captaincy, Sunrisers Hyderabad team won their first title in 2016. His fielding, as well as batting performance in the tournament, has been phenomenal and has proved he is also among the best fielders in IPL.


5. Faf du Plessis (South Africa)


Players with the likes of Faf du Plessis, who field exceptionally well have made the Proteas team unbeatable in terms of fielding. Plessis specializes in taking single-handed catches and makes them appear like a piece of cake. Perhaps the best fielder in ODI cricket and as well as Test of the South African team in terms of catch-taking ability. He has an impressive 0.57 catch per match ratio. His focus on the ball is stunning and dives fearlessly in the attempt to stop it. By his marvelous batting and athletic fielding, Plessis has continued playing as a permanent member of the national team. 

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