List of top 5 best fielders in Test Cricket.

Whenever we talk about the marvelous sport that is cricket we tend to emphasize the batsmen and bowlers. But what we often overlook is the importance of fielders in the game. They are the ones who are always on the ball, steadily saving runs and grasping difficult catches. And a focused fielder always carries on the responsibility of restricting the target put up by the opponent team to a minimum. Consequently, providing a relatively easy win for the team.

Here at, we present you our top 5 picks for the best fielders in Test cricket.


1. Rahul Dravid (India)


Always on guard on the field, the former captain of India not only proved himself as a first-class batsman, but also an inordinately reliable fielder. Rahul Dravid is one of the greatest players India has ever produced. ‘The Wall’  always remained fixated on one thing- leading his team towards victory and to give his best for the cause. He greatly assisted the bowlers by assuring them he had their back with his terrific fielding. The legend was autocratic at the cover-slips. It wouldn’t be wrong calling him the best slip fielder in India. Rahul has an unbreakable record of 210 catches in 164 Test matches, the most by any player. He is referred to as one of the best fielders in Test cricket. Well, rightfully called Mr. Dependable!


2. Ricky Ponting (Australia)ricky-ponting-test-fielding

Under his captaincy, Australia had the world at their feet. Not only is he considered a rational captain and an explosive batsman but Ricky Ponting is also recognized as a steadfast fielder who ensured his team did not falter in any aspect of the game. His intimidating fielding, when he was positioned in his specialization areas, the backward point, and slips, gave the batsmen all the creeps. His sharply aimed direct hits rarely missed the stumps. With 196 catches in 168 Test matches, he holds the recognition of taking the most number of catches by an Australian in Test cricket. His supreme fielding makes him one of the top fielders in the test cricket. Ponting remains among the greatest fielders of all time.


3. Paul Collingwood (England)


Keeping his undulating career aside, his prowess as an all-rounder in specie his fielding made him one of the most admirable cricketers. Paul Collingwood, with his agility and athleticism, bolstered the English team’s fielding department dramatically. He may not be counted among the best batsmen or bowlers but his outstanding fielding was something not many could surpass. He has greatly contributed to the victory of his team on numerous occasions.  Paul proved he is among the best England cricket fielders. Thanks to his savvy actions, preeminently on gully and points, saving umpteen number of runs and eliminating important batsman with his accurately administered run-outs. He has taken 96 catches in 68 Test matches. He is fittingly counted as one of the best fielders in Test cricket. Collingwood now serves as fielding coach of the England cricket team.


4. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka)


Sri Lanka may not be the best fielding team in cricket but players like him certainly make their fielding department strong. Decorously included in the list of the best fielders in Test, he is second only to Dravid in taking the most number of catches in Test cricket. Mahela Jayawardene record settles at 205 catches in 149 matches. This record alone is enough to speak for his competence as a phenomenal fielder. A spirited captain, Jayawardene is well-known for his sensational skills in fielding, particularly on the slips. He is acknowledged as one of the best slip fielders in cricket. His world-class catch taking abilities coupled with Muralitharan’s terrifying bowling always gave batsmen a hard time on the filed. He has also captained the Sri Lankan team eminently for some years and did so with supremacy.


5. Steve Smith (Australia)


Owing to his terrific batting and captaincy, Steve Smith has distinguished himself as a top-notch player and always managed to stay on the crest of the wave in Test cricket. However, apart from his excellent batting skills, he is prepensed as a slick fielder. One of the best fielders in cricket, the Aussie fields with great concentration and dives with marvelous athleticism. He is well-known for his adeptness in catching the speeding ball in the blink of an eye. One of the most remarkable displays of his ‘Superman’ like fielding happened in the match between Australian and South Africa earlier this year. He saved 5 runs on the rope which came smashing from Quinton De Kock. Smith has proved he is beyond the shadow of a doubt one of the best fielders in Test cricket. Thanks to players like him, Australia makes one of the best fielding teams in cricket.

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