Best Players of Delhi Capitals


If there is any team alongside Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab that has underperformed in the due course of 12 Indian Premier League seasons, it is Delhi Capitals. Delhi Capitals were formerly known as Delhi Daredevils and with the change in ownership, the team name was also modified.

After under-performing for a decade, the change in management brought the change in the board. This in turn changed the decision-making capability and strategies which have positively affected the performance of the team, on and off the field. Delhi Capitals are on the verge of qualifying in 2020 which makes it two times in three seasons for the side which has struggled in the past to avoid the wooden spoon.

Though the team has failed to achieve the trophies, there have been famous and talented players who have held the team’s name high. Here are the top five players for Delhi Capitals who have played for the side in the past:


#5) Rishabh Pant


One of the top 5 players for Delhi Capitals who started to change the proceedings and the way Delhi Capitals were looked upon was Rishabh Pant. The player from the U-19 Indian team, Rishabh Pant has been the mainstay for the side in the past couple of years.

Owing to his consistent performances in the league, the player was awarded the Emerging Player of the Season in 2018. He has 1252 runs in 62 games for the team in the cash-rich league at a strike rate of 155.99.


#4) Shreyas Iyer


The modern-day batsman and skipper of the Delhi Capitals, Shreyas Iyer is one of the top five players for Delhi Capitals. After the team suffered back-to-back wooden spoons, the team went on to reassess their strategy and bought in Shreyas Iyer who was the sense of fresh air. He has been phenomenal and has led the team by example.

Not only he raked in the Emerging Player of the Season award but also, took his twice to the playoffs. Playing for Delhi Capitals 1617 runs in 73 games at a strike rate of 128. He will look to lead his side for their first title in 2020.


#3) Amit Mishra


One of the top five players for Delhi Capitals, Amit Mishra has played for several sides in the Indian Premier League. However, he is known for his contributions to Delhi Capitals. Playing for Delhi Capitals, he has claimed more than 100 wickets and is one of the most sought leg break bowlers in the league.

He is an Indian with the highest number of wickets in the Indian Premier League. Also, while playing for Delhi Capitals, he claimed a hat-trick in the inaugural edition of the league.


#2) Gautam Gambhir


The southpaw is known for his contributions to Kolkata Knight Riders with whom he has won two titles but he was initially the player of Delhi Capitals. He not only opened with Virender Sehwag but also he used to bat at No 3 to accommodate other players at the top of the order.

Playing for Delhi Capitals, at a decent average close to 30, Gautam Gambhir amassed 1182 runs. Though he is not an explosive opener like David Warner and Virender Sehwag, he has batted at a strike rate close to 122.86. He is one of the top 5 players for Delhi Capitals ever.


#1) Virender Sehwag


The Nawab of Najafgarh, Virender Sehwag was raked in by the team back in 2008 along with his Indian team partner, Gautam Gambhir. Both of them went on to score loads of runs and Virender Sehwag was one of the two who used to provide the explosive start to the team.

Though he doesn’t have great numbers by his side as his form diminished at the end of the career, he is certainly known for a consistent and explosive strike rate of 160.3. Playing in IPL, he has 2704 runs for his team which sets him aside from his teammates. He is the player who has the highest number of half-centuries for Delhi Capitals.

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