Fastest 200 Wickets in ODI

Over the years, cricket has seen innumerable matches where players battle out in the field for the victory of their respective teams. As a result of which batsmen and bowlers put in their best efforts alike. While there is a relatively greater craze about watching the batsmen let out fireworks of runs, bowlers have ensured to not let their diligent efforts go in vain.

By and large, the wicket-taking stars of the game have made sure they get the limelight when it comes to eliminating the score raising players of the opponent team and contribute to winning the match for their arsenal. By doing so several distinguished players have become record-holders in different formats of the game.

In this article, we would take a look at the Top 5 bowlers who tasted success in taking the fastest 200 wickets in ODI cricket.


#5 Shane Warne


With his beautiful wrist spin action, Shane Warne established himself as an eminent bowler. As a result of his faultlessly delivered leg breaks, the former Australian had few difficulties in grasping the 200 wickets mark in ODI. The legendary cricketer achieved the feat of taking the fastest 200 wickets in ODI format in 125 matches in 1999 while playing the match against Pakistan.

Warne played a crucial role in contributing to the glory of the Australian national team, and under his captaincy in ODI, Australia was famed as the “greatest ever ODI team”.


#4 Waqar Younis


Pakistan has produced a significant number of supremely talented bowlers, Waqar Younis being one of them. Before Allan Donald surpassed him, the swing master held the record of the fastest 200 wickets in ODI landmark, attaining the title in the span of 118 matches.

Since he had a knack for delivering aggressive attacks, Younis was counted as one of the most formidable bowlers on the international stage during his time. In the interim of his 15-year-long playing career, his high paced reverse-swing was his USP. His strike rate of 43.50 is just the second-highest after Dale Steyn with 42.0. Moreover, Younis continues to serve his national side as the bowling coach of the Pakistan national team.


#3 Allan Donald


South Africa’s “White Lightning” ranks 3rd in making the fastest double century in terms of wickets in the ODI format. He hunted down his 200th wicket during the knockout between South Africa and Zimbabwe in 1999, his 117th ODI match.

Allan Donald has had an impressive career in the course of his tenure, especially in the Test format. As a result of his illustrious cricket history, he was inducted in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2019.


#2 Brett Lee


Whenever he got down in the field, Brett Lee ensured to make his opponent batsman fret with his bullet speed bowling. Regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in the history of cricket, Lee runs short of 8 matches from acquiring the top spot in this list. The former Australian pacer hit the target of taking the second quickest 200 wickets in ODI at The Oval against England on 12 July 2005.

Lee has been a terrific player for his side. And not just bowling, he has proved his worth as a phenomenal fielder and a handy batsman as well. The world-class cricketer played an instrumental role in Australia’s victory in the 2003 ICC World Cup. Capturing 22 wickets in 83.1 overs in the whole tournament, he ensured his team had the upper hand in bowling.


#1 Saqlain Mushtaq


Yet another classic milestone reached by Pakistan’s classy old-timer bowler, and one of the most incredible spinners of all time. Pursuing the record of the fastest 200 wicket in the ODI format, Saqlain Mushtaq made sure his position stays intact for years to come. And voila! his top rank in this list remains unslain to date.

It was back in 1999 when Mushtaq achieved this feat displaying an outstanding game against the Proteas on 5th June in Nottingham. The legendary off-spinner required just 104 matches for this accomplishment. Moreover, he also is the fastest 250 wickets taker in the 50-over format.

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