Top 5 batsmen with fastest to 3000 runs in ODI Cricket.

Consistency is paramount for any player to excel in any game he plays. And if he achieves that, then the records are bound to follow. The hunger for making records, for winning matches for the team is visible on their faces. Over the years, we have seen such players in the game of cricket who have taken the world by surprise, achieving records which one could not even imagine in his wildest dreams.

Great players are meant to break records. And in this segment, we have listed five such players who became the fastest to 3000 runs in odi-cricket.

Here’s a look at fastest batsmen to reach 3000 runs in one-day cricket:


5. Gordon Greenidge


Having made his debut back in 1975, West Indies cricketer Gordon Greenidge sits at fifth position in the list of quickest to 3000 runs in odi cricket. The West Indies cricketer had a great start to his career and completed 3000 runs in one-day internationals in just 72 innings. He achieved the feat against Pakistan in Peshawar in the year 1986.


4. Viv Richards


The man who needs no introduction, Viv Richardson, unarguably, was one of the greatest batsmen to have ever played the game of cricket. His aggressive style of play coupled with charismatic personality made him an attractive proposition. The legendary cricketer took 69 innings to reach 3000 runs in one-day cricket. Featuring at 4th spot in the list of fastest to 3000 runs in one-day cricket, Richards must be proud for still maintaining his name in the top 5, despite having some serious talent coming in the current era.


3. Babar Azam


You watch him play and you say wow! That’s how attractive he looks when he bats. A special talent, Babar Azam’s ride so far has been a fairy tale. Making his debut in 2015, Babar made rapid strides and today features at the third spot in the list of fastest to 3000 runs in odi-cricket. He achieved the landmark in his 68 innings while playing against New Zealand in 2019.


2. Shai Hope


His cuts are flamboyant, cover-drives are flawless and the back-foot game is equally amazing. West Indies cricketer, Shai Hope has become a household name in cricket, today. He made heads turn when he completed 3000 runs in odi cricket in just 67 innings, becoming the second-fastest to reach 3000 runs in one-day internationals. He went past the 3000-run mark in 2019 against India in Cuttack.


1. Hashim Amla


Former South African cricket, Hashim Amla is head and shoulders above than the others in the list. Amla is the fastest to reach 3000 runs in one-day internationals. He completed 3000 runs in one-day cricket in just 57 innings and achieved the landmark in 2012 against England.

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