Fastest 3000 Runs in Test Cricket

Test cricket has been around for ages now and is considered to be the truest format of the game. However, the impact that legendary cricketer, the ones from the time of World War II, have made is still unparalleled. Scoring runs consistently, notching centuries or double centuries wasn’t a huge task for them.

Whenever you talk about the records in the longest format of the game, the legendary cricketers which played the game years ago would always pop up.

In this article, let’s have a look at the top fastest batsman to reach 3000 runs in test cricket:


#5 Robert Neil Harvey


A vital cog in Australia’s 1950’s invincible team, Robert Neil Harvey was a man to adore. Once he stepped on to the international stage, RN Harvey never looked back and kept on shining with his bat.

He was also made the vice-captain of the team after exhibiting consistent performances for over a decade. Harvey is fifth in the list of fastest to 3000 runs in test cricket. He achieved the feat 54 innings.


#4 Brian Lara


A man who is known for notching up big scores, Brain Lara will always be remembered as one of the greatest batsmen ever to be played the game of cricket. Ever since he arrived on the big stage, Lara grabbed everyone’s attention with the exquisite style of play. The reason why is counted amongst the best is the fact that he achieved considerable success both in ODI and Tests.

However, it was his hunger for notching huge scores in test cricket which made him an even more special cricketer. Brian Lara is the fourth fastest to score 3000 runs in test cricket. He achieved the feat in 52 innings while playing against England at Oval cricket ground.


#3 Herbert Sutcliffe


At number three is England legendary star, Herbert Sutcliffe who completed 3000 runs in test cricket in 52 innings. The former opening batsman piled a truckload of runs for the team and has given countless terrific starts to the team.

Sutcliffe has played 54 tests for England and has scored 4555 runs at an average of 60.73. He has also appeared for 754 first-class matches in which he has scored 50,670 runs.


#2 Everton Weekes


The former cricketer from Barbados sits at the second position in the elite list. One of the prominent “Three Ws”, Everton Weekes went down as one of the greatest West Indies players ever.

Weekes phenomenally started his career, as he raced to 3000 runs in 51 innings. In his stellar 48-Test match-career, Weekes scored 4455 runs at an average of 58.61. He holds the record for being the second-fastest batsman to reach 3000 runs in test cricket, having reached the feat in 51 test innings.


#1 Don Bradman


The legendary Australian cricketer holds the record for being the fastest to 3000 runs in Test cricket. A man who will always be remembered for his unbelievable feats in cricket, Don Bradman, in fact, holds the record for being the fastest to 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 runs in Test cricket.

A nightmare to even the greatest of bowlers, Bradman was a treat to watch. Bradman has an average of 99.96 in Tests, a feat which is next to impossible for anyone to break in any format of the game. Bradman had played 52 Test matches in his career has scored 6996 runs at an average of 99.96.

He reached 3000 runs in test cricket in 33 innings.


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