Fastest 500 Wickets in ODI

Fastest 500 wickets in ODI, in fact, the benchmark of 5oo wickets in the ODI cricket itself is a titanic feat. There have been several bowlers who have showcased their skill and talent on the cricket field over the years. Though, not more than two players have transcended this achievement.

In this article, we pay a  tribute to those legends who have left a lasting impression on the viewers of the game and achieved this mammoth record with their skills.


#2 Wasim Akram


Before Muralitharan outstripped him of the title, Wasim Akram held the record of the fastest 500 wickets in ODI cricket. Although he stands second in the line-up of the fastest 500 wickets in ODI feat, he is the first ever to achieve this milestone, six years earlier than the first-ranker. Akram has scalped over 502 wickets in the ODI format, the second-highest ever, in 356 matches. Nick Statham served as the southpaw’s 500th victim in the day-night match, during the ‘Pool A’ match of the World Cup 2003 between Pakistan and Netherlands. It was Akram’s 354th ODI. Additionally, he is also the first bowler to surmount the mark of 400 wickets in ODI.

The legendary paceman is supposedly regarded as the best fast bowler of all time. His ability to handle the ball with utter finesse and variations in deliveries was no less than a sleight of hand. Ranging from seam bowling to inswinging yorkers, there was barely anything he couldn’t do along with launching the ball with a thunderous pace. His mastery of the reverse swing garnered him the nickname of ‘Sultan of Swing’.

Because of his gallantry performance, he holds the record of taking the most number of ODI wickets as a captain. After he retired from the game, Akram took up the role of a coach. He has also proved his fortitude in his new guise. He is extensively credited for the IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders‘ success.

Wasim Akram was the only second who taken the fastest 500 wickets in ODI.


#2 Muttiah Muralitharan


324 matches, that’s all it took for the Sri Lankan spin prodigy to pass the colossal target of 500 wickets in ODI. With that, Muttiah Muralitharan also became the fastest to take 500 wickets in the ODI cricket. It was in 2009 during the Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan when he achieved the feat in the 3rd ODI face-off between the teams. That day, Murali rewrote history. After he stumped 2 scalps in the match, he became the quickest to cross the mark of 500 wickets in the ODI. He surpassed Wasim Akram who previously held the title.

During his time, Muralitharan was a blue-chip of the Sri Lankan cricket team, credits to his unparalleled off-spin deliveries. He stands on the top of the list of wrist-spinning off-spinners, who had mastered his technique most finely. Owing to this, he boasts of an impeccable statistical record, including a bowling average of 23.08, counted among some of the best in the 50-over format. With a total of 800 wickets in Test cricket and 534 wickets in ODI under lock and key, he is the record holder of most number of wickets in both the formats of the game.

However, throughout his career, he often fell victim to the accusations of skeptics who questioned his bowling credibility recurrently. Nonetheless, he was like those flowers that grew between cracks in the asphalt. But every time he proved that his proficiency in handling the ball could never be doubted.

Muttiah Muralitharan is number one in this fastest 500 Wickets in ODI list.

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