Funny Moments in IPL

It’s the mixture of intensity with which the game is played, humbleness and respect, and some hilarious moments why cricket is loved all around the globe. If you think it’s only the close encounter that brings a smile on your face, then you might be wrong. Here is the list of top 5 funny moments in IPL to kill yourself laughing.

Here is the list of funny moments in IPL.

#5 Yuvi Getting Chased by Gayle


As everyone was on their way back to the dugout after the rain-interrupted RCB’s batting, Yuvraj Singh bumped into his former teammate Chris Gayle. In reply, the ever calm Chris in his usual Caribbean style humorously charged Yuvi by raising his bat which ended up being a buzz on social media.

Our expert has put this incident in fifth place in our IPL funny moments.

#4 Umpire Shamshuddin's Forgetfulness


It all began when Ankit Rajpoot took his mark to bowl after the strategic time out and asked the ball from his teammates, but little did he know that they were as clueless as him. There was chaos in the middle as everyone had lost track of the ball.

Finally, everyone had a laugh when the commentators replayed the video and found out the culprit as Shamshuddin who forgot that he had slid the ball in his pockets after the bowler had finished his over before the time out.

Our expert has put this incident in fourth place in our IPL funny moments.

#3 CSK's Misery in trying to run-out Dwayne Smith


You will only enjoy this if you are not a CSK fan as it ended as misery for CSK and its fans. Chennai had at least 3 opportunities to run Dwayne Smith out at the non-strikers’ end. It all began when the batting duo tried to sneak in an extra run for the overthrow at the non-strikers’ end.

Dwayne Smith was halfway down the pitch when Jakati failed to collect the ball, instead broke the stumps with his bare hands. So now the fielder coming in had to collect the ball and pull the stumps out, but let the ball go between his legs. It was all seen in the ever calm MS Dhoni’s reaction when they missed this golden opportunity.

Our expert has put this incident in third place in our IPL funny moments.

#2 David Warner's Flying Kiss

Although players sledge intense situations out of irritation in order to provoke their opponents to commit mistakes, they may end up being hilarious sometimes. This time it was David Warner who tried to give a flying kiss to Pollard, but it seemed like Pollard did not like it a bit.

The big man gave a weird and hysterical reaction which was very funny and the crowd laughed their hearts out at it.

Our expert has put this incident in second place in our IPL funny moments.

#1 Pollard's Silence!!


After some good show with the bat Mumbai Indians batsman, Kieron Pollard had startle in store for the Bangalore crowd at the iconic Chinnaswamy stadium. It all started when Pollard had an argument with Gayle just at the start of the 3rd over during RCB’s mammoth chase of 210 set by Mumbai Indians. Forcing the on-field umpire to intervene and warn the big West Indian.

Pollard then went on to the team dugout and pasted a cello tape on his mouth to show his displeasure over the on-field official’s behavior.

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