Most Centuries in IPL (100s)


IPL is the heaven of batsmen. It is a treat for the eyes to see them suspending the balls over the boundaries for fours six. It’s a great deal scoring a ton in T20 cricket. Though it is a very usual prospect in Indian Premier League, of Batsmen celebrating after their centuries, scoring a century is never an easy thing to do in the game of Indian Premier League.52 centuries achieved in over 650 games, across a decade is a testament to this fact.

Though there are a lot of players who struggle to even grab score a single century in the IPL, there is this West Indian prowler Chris Gayle who is right on top of the table, with as many as six tons in the tournament so far.

Here are the top 5 players with the highest number of centuries in IPL history:


#5) AB de Villiers (3 Centuries)


Considered as one of the supreme cricketers of all time, AB de Villiers has so far played in 154 IPL matches. With an average close up to forty, he has scored 4395 runs in his career too. De Villiers stands in the fifth place of this list with 3 IPL centuries scored in his name.

AB de Villiers has 3 centuries and gets 5th position in this IPL most number centuries list.


#4) Shane Watson (4 Centuries)


This Australian muscle hitter has played in IPL from the very foremost season. He has played 134 matches in total and has scored 3575 runs. Watson has 4 IPL tons to his name with now and a remarkable average of 31.08 runs. Watson now appearing for CSK jersey is considered one of the most priceless players in the Indian Premier League.

Shane Watson has 4 centuries and gets 4th position in this IPL most number centuries list.


#3) David Warner (4 Centuries)


David Warner is one of the finest players within the history of IPL. Warner has played a complete of 126 matches and has scored 4706 runs to date. He’s the player with the third-most number of centuries in IPL cricket. With a median of 43.17, he has 4 IPL tons in his name.

David Warner has 4 centuries with 4706 runs, so he got 3rd position in this IPL most number centuries list.


#2) Virat Kohli (5 Centuries)


This young Indian star player has emerged in a total of 177 matches, and he has a total score of 5412 runs in IPL so far. Kohli is placed in the second of this list with overall scoring 5 centuries. He has played for the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore in the previous seasons. Having an average of 37.84, Virat Kohli is considered one of the most valuable players in IPL, undoubtedly.

Virat Kohli has 5 centuries and gets 2nd position in this IPL most number centuries list.


#1) Chris Gayle (6 Centuries)


One of the primary batsmen in limited over cricket, Chris Gayle has the highest number of centuries in IPL at this point. Gayle has played a whole of 125 IPL matches and has scored 4484 runs up to now. He tops this list with 6 IPL centuries, including a high score of 175, which is additionally the very best individual score in T20 cricket.

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