Most Maiden Overs in IPL


In T20 cricket with only 120 balls to face at, every batsman will be striving hard to score runs in every opportunity they get. With the best of the best competing in IPL, players have to perform at their best in order to win the battle on that particular day. Bowling a dot ball in T20 cricket itself is like finding a cloud of gold dust and adding onto it, bowling a maiden over is kind of discovering a gold mine.

Here is the countdown for the most maiden overs in the history of IPL:


#5) Lasith Malinga (#8)


It does not come as a startle to see this legend on every list of bowler’s records. Considering him bowling both upfront and at the death where the batsmen will be looking to increase their run rate this record is a rare feat.

Lasith Malinga has 8 maidens to his name out of 471 over’s he has bowled and has 6 four wickets haul. He is also a 2-time purple cap winner in the IPL.


#4) Sandeep Sharma (#8)


Sandeep Sharma has troubled the batsmen with his late out swinging deliveries over the years. He has 8 maidens to his name out of 306 over’s he has bowled with 97 scalps to his name to date and has plenty of cricket left in him.


#3) Dhawal Kulkarni (#8)


Dhawal Kulkarni is the star domestic player who has been performing consistently for Mumbai over the years. On the other hand, he even comes in handy with the bat as well in crucial situations.

Although he is criticized for leaking runs, he is successful in bowling 8 maidens over’s out of the 290 over’s he bowled. He is successful in picking up 86 wickets out of the 90 matches he has played to various franchises with an economy of 8.26.


#2) Irfan Pathan (#10)


This Indian is a complete package on the field with excellent bowling, fielding, and finishing skills. For the late swing, he generated he was picked up by numerous franchises over the years.

Irfan Pathan was able to pick 80 wickets out of the 103 matches he played in the IPL with an average of 33.11 and an economy of 7.77. The reason for him to be on this list is the 10 maidens over’s he has bowled out of 103 matches he played.


#1) Praveen Kumar (#14)


Praveen Kumar is one of the bowlers who could swing the ball in both ways which creates uncertainty in the batsman’s mind, which has proved to be a powerful weapon even against the best batsman. Although he did not have fierce pace up his sleeves, he made it up by extracting extreme lateral movement coupled with persistent lines and lengths.

This Indian veteran started off his IPL journey with the Royal Challengers Bangalore for the first 3 seasons and continued the next 3 seasons with the Kings XI Punjab but struggled with the typical fast bowler’s string of injuries at the end of his career.

Praveen Kumar was successful in picking up 90 wickets out of the 119 matches he played with an impressive average of 36.12. He was successful in bowling 14 maiden over’s out of 400 odd over’s he bowled.

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