IPL Most Popular Teams

In India cricket is not just a game, rather it’s an emotion. The love for cricket gets overwhelmed during the time of IPL in India. IPL is the most famous league among all the leagues in the world. People from all over the world cheer for their respective franchises. The intensity with which the crowd cheer and the players play gives goosebumps to the one who doesn’t even know about cricket.

With all the celebrity figures owning the franchises, the league’s popularity has just got bigger and better. Here are the most admired and most popular teams in IPL from all over the world.

Here is the list of most popular teams in IPL history.


#5 Delhi Capitals (DC)

DC IPL Most Popular Team

In a great battle to take the fifth spot amongst the popular teams in IPL, it seems that that the Delhi Capital’s have won the race. The fans in Feroz Shah Kotla have always backed up their team in every situation. The capital city comes into the limelight every time a cricket match happens.

The Delhi franchise has even gone a step forward and sponsored buses to help their fans to come and cheer for their favorite team. Although they are due for an IPL title, there is no lack of cheers and support they get from their fans.

Delhi Capitals comes at number fifth in this IPL most popular teams list.


#4 Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)


With Shahrukh Khan owning the team, there is no shortage of fans for KKR as well. With Eden Gardens having the highest crowd capacity, the KKR fans will leave no seat vacant when their home team is playing. With a mix of superstars, experienced and the young talent Kolkata Knight Riders have always put up a good show in front of their fans.

The purple army always lits up the iconic Eden Gardens. They have won the IPL title two times to date. The trophies, stars in the stadium, the “Korbo-Lorbo-Jeetbo” makes KKR an exciting and popular team in IPL.

Kolkata Knight Riders comes at number fourth in this IPL most popular teams list.


#3 Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

RCB IPL Most Popular Team

angalore being the IT hub of India never fails to turn up into the stadiums and support their team. It might be for RCB, BFC or Bengaluru Bulls. The never-ending support from their fans despite the team being unable to win the IPL title shows much about its popularity in the circuit. They are one of the top and popular IPL teams in IPL owing to their superstars too.

The RCB franchise has called their support army as the 12th man of the team. They have the most loyal fans amongst all in the IPL. The red army has poured into the Chinnaswamy every time RCB has played irrespective of whether they lose or win. Although they have not yet won the IPL title, the red army has never failed to support them.

Royal Challengers Bangalore comes at number third in this IPL most popular teams list.


#2 Mumbai Indians (MI)

MI IPL Most Popular Team

The legacy of Mumbai Indians is the brand of cricket they play and the positiveness they have on the field. Wankhade, the home ground of Mumbai Indians fills with blue as there is no difference between the sea behind it and the stadium itself.

The blue army is constant since Sachin Tendulkar till recent times. They have the most followers on social media. They are quite known for having legends of the game in their team. They have won the IPL title four times so far.

Mumbai Indians comes at number second in this IPL most popular teams list.


#1 Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

CSK IPL Most Popular Team

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India which is known for its religious sites. CSK has the largest fan base in IPL, and it makes them one of the popular teams in IPL. The stadium gets jam-packed every time they play. There are times when even during the practice match, there were no seats left unoccupied.

Though CSK faced a two-year suspension from IPL, the fondness about their Thala and the team never came down, instead crept up like a vine. They have lifted the championship three times until now.

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